So first there was the Ayyappa Jyothi.

The people in the state were enthused enough to come together to protest girls being allowed inside the ayyappa temple before menstruation had ended. They can’t mobilise to come together for a good cause but for this rubbish, what a show of strength!!! And I have extended family who support this. In this day an age women are still denied equality of worship!

I find it ridiculous that people including young women are ready to waste their time and stand on the roads and highways to protest this, when they could have contributed in so many million other ways to help perhaps the girl child in their own or other states !!

It is such a waste of time and resources, and so disheartening!

Then a few day’s later there was this:

Sabarimala row: Lakhs to form ‘women’s wall’ in Kerala –

It made me happy that the state has the (excuse my language) balls to support this and I think Pinarayi Vijayan has some serious style! #canhebeprimeministernext

Of course, the relatives are still mad at it all.

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